Collection of hand crafted accessory by Pauline

ディレクター兼バイヤーのKyoka Katoが、彼女の友人である"Pauline"の名前を借りて運営するセレクトショップ。Paris生まれCalifornia育ちであるPaulineの上品でナチュラルなファッションをイメージソースに、アメリカを中心にセレクトシたハンドメイドアクセサリーを展開。

"Pauline" who is the friend of Kyoka Kato, Director and Buyer, was born in Paris, but raised in California. Mainly from the U.S., we select the handcrafted accessories which remind of her elegant and relax style. We have enthusiasm to choose the warmth of hand craft, the quality of material, good price and the playful spirit. We promise to send them all with our big love.